Kale & Almond Pesto

The most delicious and fresh pesto that doesn’t break the bank but still is yummy on everything a normal pesto is delicious on.



1 cup almonds

3 cups of kale, washed (remove the leaves from the large center stem/rib and then press into a measuring cup

1/3 cup basil

1 clove of garlic

3/4 teaspoons salt, plus more to taste

1/4 teaspoon pepper

Juice of 1 whole lemon (fresh!)

11 1/4 cup Olive oil *see note

1 cup real parmesan cheese, shredded


In a food processor, pulse the almonds till they’re course small pieces. Add the kale, basil, garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice till the kale is in small pieces. With the processor on, slowly drizzle in the olive oil till all of it is incorporated. Add the cheese and pulse about 5 times. Taste and see if it needs any extra salt or lemon juice.

Enjoy on pasta or bread, in tomato soup or any other way you eat pesto!


It’s kind of hard to measure how much 3 cups of Kale is so because of this, you may need a bit extra olive oil to help it get to the right consistency if you packed your kale into a cup heavily.

Make sure to read the words above the recipe for fun ways to alter this recipe to use more of what you already have on hand and to see my favorite way to eat this pesto that will impress anyone!