For quite a few years, being in the kitchen has been my happy place. After moving to Helsinki, having my second baby, and experiencing a bit of post-partum depression I needed to find a project that was just for me. I went to school for photography and used to shoot several weddings every month. Photography was my outlet and passion before moving. However, after moving, I left my clientele behind and suddenly my opportunities with photography were fewer. So, after a lot of thinking, I decided to start putting together the cookbook that I had always planned to do one day. I want to have a cookbook of all the recipes I make for my family so that one day I can give it to my girls; then they can make the recipes for their own kids that their mom made for them. When this idea came, I couldn’t get it off my mind. I could combine all of my skills, and my passions: photography and cooking as well as family and memories. I’m hoping this blog will keep me going personally on my cookbook goal but in the process, I’m also hoping to share the recipes I make and skills I learn with both friends and family.

My husband and 2 little girls (Millie & Martha) are my greatest joy and are my biggest cheerleaders. Millie is a spit-fire with not a shy bone in her body. She will talk to anyone and is basicallythe happiest and most spirited and energetic toddler you’ll ever meet. She likes to “help” me in the kitchen but hates the loud noises of a stand mixer/hand mixer/blender so she bolts at any sign of their use, yet she has a sixth sense for when it’s the ideal taste testing time. Martha is the most chill baby known to mankind unless she’s tired. She loves her sleep and is so happy when it’s naptime. She’s never met a food she doesn’t like and eats more than Millie does who is more than 2 years older than her. My husband (Kyle) is the love of my life, my best friend, and is way super-hot. One of his best qualities is always helping me clean up the mess in the kitchen after dinner which adds an extra level of sexy. I hoped to fatten him up a bit with my cooking and baking but his genetics are just too good and he hasn’t gained a pound since we got married.

We moved to Finland for my husband’s work as a software programmer. The biggest reason we said yes to this international job was to travel as a family. Now we travel at every opportunity and I’ll also be sharing a bit of our Europe travels here as I blog the food that it helped inspire.

If you’re reading my bio, then chances are you’ve been to other food blogs as well. I just want to take a minute and talk about how annoying it is to me that the posts on most food blogs are nearly a mile long! You have to scroll for 10 minutes before reaching the actual recipe. So, because I personally find that so annoying, I’ve decided that allllll of the words I write before a recipe will actually be helpful in preparing the recipe. Please let me know which of my recipes are your favorite and leave some comments! If you want to share a family recipe with me to try I would love that! Send them to me via my contact page.

I have a strong faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe family is the most important part of life and therefore make it my top priority. I value my marriage and try to go on a date every week if possible. I believe making people happy through feeding them is one of the best ways to spread joy in life. So, I don’t mind that my monthly grocery budget is a bit higher than the average family of 4 as a result of having people over for dinner all the time. I’d like to invite you over for dinner too, so if you’re in the neighborhood…! Until then, I hope you can still taste a bite from my kitchen as you try some of my recipes!