• Homemade Enchilada Sauce

    June 2, 2021Brianna

    The list continues to grow of things I can’t buy in Finland and therefore have had to learn how to buy. Enchilada sauce is one of them. Honestly after learning how to make it myself, this is also another thing I don’t know that I’ll ever buy again at a store when we move home.…

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  • Delicious Chicken Gyros with Greek Salad and Tzatziki Sauce

    June 1, 2021Brianna

    I never really had a good Gyro till I moved to Finland. There’s a restaurant called Fafa’s here that basically only sells these and they’re really good. I decided to try and re-create them at home so I can make sure to be able to eat them even after we move back to America. After…

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  • Vegan Veggie Grain Bowl

    May 3, 2021Brianna

    Oh hey look, I have another vegan recipe for you! This vegan veggie grain bowl will satisfy your hunger likely leaving you without wanting for dairy or meat. It’s really full of flavor combinations and textures that will make you forget it’s vegan. If you’re looking for another delicious grain bowl, try this salmon grain…

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  • Cinco de Mayo Recipe Roundup!

    April 30, 2021Brianna

    I wanted to be helpful for you in finding the perfect recipe(s) to make for Cinco de Mayo next week so that’s why I created this recipe roundup for you! All my favorite Mexican inspired recipes on my blog in one place. This past week I posted this copycat recipe for Cafe Rio dressing. It’s…

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  • Taco Salad Dressing (Copycat Cafe Rio dressing)

    April 27, 2021Brianna

    I have literally had a note in my phone for this Cafe Rio dressing that I’ve made and updated and tweaked and edited some more, for 6 years. I’ve tried at least 10 copy cat recipes for Cafe Rio dressings and every time the recipe claims “TASTES EXACTLY LIKE CAFE RIO” and then they don’t…

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  • Simple & Easy Chicken Gravy

    April 6, 2021Brianna

    This easy chicken gravy really is simple and easy. Everyone needs to know how to make gravy and once you do, you’ll see how easy it is and how much more delicious it is too. I learned how to make gravy from my mom and grandma when I was like 12. It’s honestly incredibly easy…

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  • Easy Caesar Salad Dressing

    February 22, 2021Brianna

    Easy Caesar salad dressing is the perfect recipe for you to have in your go-to recipes for a quick salad to serve with this quick spaghetti, pan fried chicken, lazy man’s lasagna, pasta rosa, 1-pot alfredo pasta, or so many other recipes you normally make. I’ve been creating this dressing for a while now trying…

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  • Salmon Grain Bowl (with delicious Jalapeño cilantro dressing!)

    February 2, 2021Brianna

    Grain bowls have become a popular thing in my house for dinner recently. They’re easy to customize and it is seriously fun for me to create new flavor combinations. Salmon is relatively inexpensive to buy here compared to where I’m from in land-locked Utah so I decided to try a grain bowl with it! It’s…

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  • Browned Butter Alfredo Sauce

    September 14, 2020Brianna

    I fell in love with browned butter, although I didn’t know it at the time, when eating at Old Spaghetti Factory as a kid. Their browned butter mizithra cheese pasta is what dreams are made of. I could eat that every week and not get sick of it. Since I grew up and found out…

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  • Peanut Sauce for Grain Bowls

    August 28, 2020Brianna

    This Peanut Sauce is delicious when poured over a normal salad but particularly over grain bowls. In the recipe notes you’ll see what my favorite add ins are in my grain bowls. Grain bowls are something I love because it incorporates so many textures and flavors in one bite. As a mom I love them…

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