• Slow Cooker Parmesan Garlic Pasta

    October 30, 2023Brianna

    I was lucky enough to go visit my best friend who lives in Texas a few weeks ago. She is QUEEN of simple meals. She made this dinner while we were there and I loved it so much I made it for my family the next week. I think this may be the first recipe…

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  • Pineapple Salmon Bowls

    January 17, 2022Brianna

    I have barely blogged since becoming pregnant. It’s been a really rough pregnancy in un-traditional ways. Like I got a cough so bad during a cold I had that it lasted literally 3 whole months and I coughed so much/hard that I broke 4 freaking ribs. Now I have about a month left and feeling…

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  • Chicken Stir fry (30 minute meal!)

    July 21, 2021Brianna

    Chicken stir fry doesn’t have to be intimidating or something that takes a long time. This literally takes 30 minutes or less, especially if you meal prep and cut all the veggies up earlier in the day or even up to a few days earlier. This meal is a great way to get your kids…

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  • Honey Lime Coconut Curry Chicken with Coconut Rice

    June 7, 2021Brianna

    I love this meal. It’s filling and has some of the most well balanced flavors there could be. Coconut and lime and curry and honey were meant for each other. This is a recipe I’ve been developing for over a year with each time making it adding good notes to my recipe to make it…

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  • Delicious Chicken Gyros with Greek Salad and Tzatziki Sauce

    June 1, 2021Brianna

    I never really had a good Gyro till I moved to Finland. There’s a restaurant called Fafa’s here that basically only sells these and they’re really good. I decided to try and re-create them at home so I can make sure to be able to eat them even after we move back to America. After…

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  • Cajun Jambalaya

    May 25, 2021Brianna

    Cajun Jambalaya is a meal I grew up eating relatively often. It was always made from a box mix and that’s how I always have made it too. But then there’s no such thing as box mixes of basically anything in Finland and for sure no jambalaya. Which is ultimately great because it made me…

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  • Vegan Veggie Grain Bowl

    May 3, 2021Brianna

    Oh hey look, I have another vegan recipe for you! This vegan veggie grain bowl will satisfy your hunger likely leaving you without wanting for dairy or meat. It’s really full of flavor combinations and textures that will make you forget it’s vegan. If you’re looking for another delicious grain bowl, try this salmon grain…

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  • Cinco de Mayo Recipe Roundup!

    April 30, 2021Brianna

    I wanted to be helpful for you in finding the perfect recipe(s) to make for Cinco de Mayo next week so that’s why I created this recipe roundup for you! All my favorite Mexican inspired recipes on my blog in one place. This past week I posted this copycat recipe for Cafe Rio dressing. It’s…

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  • Crock Pot Red Beans and Rice

    April 29, 2021Brianna

    This classic cajun red beans and rice is a major comfort food for me and will be sure to fill you up and feed a crowd! Several options for stretching this meal even farther or how to cook the beans. If you’re looking for another Louisiana inspired dish try this delicious cajun crispy chicken pasta.

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  • Cajun Shrimp Pasta (30 minute meal!)

    April 23, 2021Brianna

    My 2 little girls are on a big shrimp-loving kick right now. They ask me to make shrimp constantly so I’m finding new ways to make it. I was born in Louisiana and have a soft spot for spicy cajun comfort food. But, my oldest in particular can’t handle spicy. But, because she’s obsessed with…

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